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Children's Books by Ramona Wood

Telling stories with pictures and words

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 New Release: Kids' Book of Bible Feast Days

"These are the days that show God's plan for a large and beautiful kingdom."

Bursting with colorful paintings, this book outlines specific ways your family can connect with their Creator. Challenging topics are simplified and embellished with relevant scriptural sidebars.

Give your children a taste of good things to come! The Kids' Book of Bible Feast Days shows God's feast days as a uniting thread--spanning from God's work with Ancient Israel, to the providing of our Savior and start of the Christian church...on through to God's future kingdom!

With its matter-of-fact, reassuring manner, this book is quickly becoming a hit.


"Finally. A spectacular book to teach children of all ages about the holidays God Himself created and observed.

'Kids' Book of Bible Feast Days' is so simple and enjoyable, even people who know very little about the Bible will be able to learn and understand the entire reason we've been created, and the glorious and fantastic future intended for every single person. It's far more wondrous than what you've probably been taught.

If you wish to teach your children and yourself solid truth from Holy Scripture, then this is a must-read. Not only is it a fun children's book, many adults, especially Christians of all persuasions, will be educated like never before on the REAL festivals we've been instructed by Almighty Jesus to celebrate.

Simply put, every family should have this book! And read it often!

--Joe Kovacs, bestselling author of "Shocked by the Bible" and "The Divine Secret."